Making the Most Out of Genius Hub 1.0



In our most recent blog post, we discussed our transition to our updated website, Genius Hub 1.0, and described many of the features that will accompany the update, including things like new moderation tools, profile creation, profile customization, and general ease of use for the overall website. Make sure to check out that blog post on our website if you haven’t already. In this post, we will be giving some helpful tips on how to make the most out of these upcoming changes.

Profile Changes

Genius Hub 1.0 allows for users to create their own private profiles, which will allow you to have your profile name attached to the content you post, so you can not only be recognized for the great materials you post, but also gain a following of users that enjoy your content. On the subject of the follow feature, whenever you see a post that provides great content, make sure to follow the user that posted it so you can stay up to date whenever they post a new piece of material. Lastly, Genius Hub 1.0 offers the ability to personalize your profile with a premium subscription, which is extremely important in order to make both your profile and your content stand out.


Another major change that Genius Hub 1.0 is bringing is a much more streamlined moderation process. With this new process, users can worry much less about copyright and cheating issues with materials that they see on the site, as our moderators are constantly looking over the site to make sure academic integrity is maintained on our site. If you see a piece of content that looks questionable, don’t hesitate to report it, and our moderators will give you a response faster than ever before.


These are the two main changes to our website with this update, but there are still many more things to come, and we’ll be sure to let you know when they’re ready. For now, enjoy the newest version of our website and make sure to take advantage of all of the new features! Remember: study smarter, not harder.

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