The Beginning

Genius Hub was started by five students in Barrington High School’s incubator program who united over a common problem: studying for AP classes. Each of us found this task to be both time-consuming and stressful since we found ourselves scouring the internet for resources that could help us prepare for our tests. Sometimes we wanted to study our notes, sometimes a Quizlet, and sometimes a practice test, and what we found is that there was no one place we could go to find all of these resources.

We Were Not Alone

We then began talking to other AP students and found that many had the same problem as us, so we set out to create a place where AP students could go to find all the resources they needed to feel prepared for their AP classes. We wanted, and we wanted others, to be able to study smarter, not harder.

What We Did

Once we knew that we weren’t alone, we began brainstorming solutions to our problem. Throughout the entire process, we kept two main things in mind: we wanted our solution to be easy to use and we wanted it to save AP students their precious time.

Where We Are Now

After lots of hard work, we were able to turn our ideas into reality. Now, we have a fully functioning website where students can post and find AP resources. As we grow, we hope to improve on our website even more: adding features such as note monetization, for example.

Thank you for reading. To best support us, post an AP resource to any of the classes on our website, or send us feedback using the form located on our homepage. Remember: study smarter, not harder!

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