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It’s already November, which means the first semester of school for most students is a little over halfway through, and while final exams in December might seem a ways away, it’s important to start doing some preparation now so you don’t have to cram later. Even if your school is choosing not to do final exams, these tips can still help you prepare for AP testing in May, making them all the more important. Here are two tips to help you ace your finals.

Create Cheat Sheets From Past Units

This tip is something that might seem useless now, but when you have to start studying for your final exams, you will soon realize that this can make a huge difference. Take some time to look through all your worksheets and notes from past units and create your own concise cheat sheet for each unit. Do this every time you finish a unit in your class so that by the time finals roll around, you will have a short cheat sheet for every unit, instead of having to spend hours looking back through old worksheets from August. If you can’t find some of your old resources, no need to worry, as Genius Hub has plenty of resources for specific AP classes that you can pull from.

Turn In Missing Work Now

If you have any missing assignments in your classes, it is crucial that you turn in those assignments as soon as you possibly can. Waiting until a few days before the semester ends can be extremely risky, as teachers are already going to be flooded with emails and other work during this time, so it’s very possible that they might miss the fact that you turned in a missing assignment, which could end up making the difference between a B plus and an A-minus. It’s much safer to turn these assignments in now, giving your teachers plenty of time to see that you turned in your assignment and update your grade.


Thank you for reading. We wish you all the best of luck this year. To support us, post an AP resource to any of the classes on our website, or send us feedback using the form located on our homepage. Remember: study smarter, not harder.

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