Hello Everyone! We hope you are all doing well, and that your studying sessions have been improved with the help of Genius Hub! This week we thought it would be important to remind people of what is so special about being in a community, and what it can do for you.

The Importance of Community

At Genius Hub, one of our goals is to provide a place for students to be actively engaged and always find help from other people who have the same academic interests and struggles as you. It's always easier to get help from someone who has been there or is currently in the same position as you in a class. Being socially active, even when socially distanced is important, as online interactions offer a good substitute for being in class when it's not completely safe to be together just yet. Personally, I find it incredibly useful to create group-chats with other classmates so we can ask each other questions, with a generally fast turnaround for responses. Collaboration is key when solving problems together. Feel free to use Genius Hub in this format! Throw up a difficult Math problem or AP GOV FRQ, and users will respond with help/assistance, and you’ll both be rewarded with points to spend to customize your profiles.


Once again, thank you for using Genius Hub in your studying sessions. Have a great week!

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