Hello everyone! In this blog, we wanted to share some new information regarding the changes in place and coming in the future that you can use to customize your profile. You may notice that some of these features are already in place; however, we plan to further expand customization options to all of our users to spice up your profiles!


Engaging with anything on Genius Hub will earn you points. Posting, liking, commenting and sharing a note with another person are all ways to earn yourself points. You even earn points just for creating an account! Accumulate enough, and you will be rewarded with a badge! With more unique badges in the future, as well as customization options for your profile, points will allow anyone to express themselves through Genius Hub.


Badges are a new flair feature that users can use to make their tag stand out. We plan on rolling out more unique badges over time, but for now, we offer the “Pioneer” badge: for being one of the first 50 users to upload a resource to Genius Hub. Soon we will offer the “Star Supporter” badge. This badge will allow users to be recognized for their work in the community by sharing, commenting, and posting their notes to help others study smarter, not harder.


Once again, thank you for using Genius Hub in your studying sessions. We look forward to providing you with more tools to change the way you study. Thank you for making Genius Hub amazing. 

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