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Genius Hub has always been designed as a hub for students to share and collaborate with each other. Within the coming days, Genius Hub 1.0 will go into effect, allowing all users to have their own private profiles to post on to the website. Under the Coronavirus pandemic, students across the country have been unable to receive in-person learning, and feel the struggle/pressure to succeed. Coming with Genius Hub 1.0, a host of brand new features will allow users to communicate and collaborate with each other in order to “study smarter, not harder.” Below is a brief overview of some of the changes that will occur with the launch of this massive update to Genius Hub.

Posting & Private Profiles

Posting your own personal study notes and materials has never been easier. With this update, it will streamline the process of moderation for copyright infringement as well as cheating; allowing for a faster turnaround on posts! Uploading notes/tips of any kind had never been simpler. With this update, everyone will receive their own private profiles! This means you can follow other users so that their posts will appear at the top of your own personal feed. You can like and share these posts around if they are particularly helpful with your studying needs! This will function similarly to other social media websites such as Instagram. Premium Genius Hub members will have access to flair options to change the style of their profile and stand out.


Thank you for reading. We look forward to hearing from you about this massive update, so feel free to contact us using the form on our homepage. These past few months have been especially challenging under these different circumstances, and we want to relieve a bit of that stress. Remember: study smarter, not harder.

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