3 Reminders to Help you Study Smarter



With the AP test season quickly approaching, it’s becoming all the more important to spend more time looking at your notes in preparation for exams. To maintain brevity in this post, here three quick reminders to help you study smarter, not harder!

1: Reading is NOT Studying

Simply reading and re-reading texts or notes is not actively engaging in the material. It is simply re-reading your notes. Only ‘doing’ the readings for a class is not studying. It is simply doing the reading for class. Re-reading leads to quick forgetting.

2: Take Breaks

Being efficient with your free time is really important, but you don’t want to burn yourself out. Try spending around 30 minutes laser-focused on work, then taking 5-10 doing something you enjoy. Brief rest periods are far more efficient in the long term when looking at your time spent studying a topic.

3: Challenge Yourself

It’s important to remind yourself that tough problems are your friend! When relearning/studying a topic, review past class worksheets and go through the process of taking each problem step by step. Learn  your teacher’s style of problem-solving and be prepared to answer questions the way they expect. This will allow you to parallel their techniques on tests (which were designed with that same style in mind!) Doing this will only set you up for success.


Thank you for using Genius Hub in your studying sessions. We appreciate all of your support throughout this past year, and this is only the start! We look forward to providing you with new features and opportunities in order to study smarter, not harder!

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